Autumn Winter 15


Drawing from something desolate to make something delicately determined, Danielle Romeril explores the idea of a dystopian future for Autun/Winter 2015 but not in the traditional sense of the idea.

Entitled Survive, the collection imagines a world in which you can’t buy anything anymore and instead you have to scavenge and salvage to create new things.

The result? Asymmetric tartan skirts edged in leather laced scales (made using odoshi, the ancient Japanese technique used to create protective armour for Samurai); flocked lace cropped tops; couture-shaped corded velvet dresses; tech quilted jackets and coats; and blanket-wrapped silhouettes for clothing hybrids.

This warrior’s wardrobe is a balance between being undone, done, feminine and raw, something brutally romantic to be found in the toughness of the great outdoors - and translating this into garments.

Credits TBC