Spring Summer 16


Reappropriated garments. Unexpected textures. Mismatched patterns and off key combinations. Romeril’s spring/summer 2016 protagonist has an improvised beauty that is at once elegant and undone.

Twin inspirations proved a Jackie Nickerson photographic series documenting African farmers in their work attire and two shots by Viviane Sassen – one entitled PARADISE LOST, from which the collection takes its name and another that in uenced its verdant colour palette.

Silhouettes are asymmetric and layered; palm prints come collaged with organdie check, draped dresses feature printed inserts while knotting and uted sleeves lend volume and depth.Separates are conceived in cutwork cotton layered over muslin and a jacquard embroidery resembling a rippling mass of owers seems to oat beneath a sheer overlay.

Romeril’s raw aesthetic is balanced by a lightness of touch and elevated with sophisticated construction; embellished showpiece dresses are conjured from hand-cut thermoplastic film mounted on silk organza or embroidered with the legend PARADISE LOST like dishevelled badges of honour. 


Credits TBC